Score hits 1k stars!

We’re excited to announce that, together, we have reached a symbolic but meaningful milestone: 1K GitHub stars!

Thank you to everyone participating in this open-source community for this fantastic result! 

We are excited to work harder and build with our contributors. That’s why we launched the discussion tab in GitHub. There, you can share your questions and feedback.

On Wednesday, December 7th, our project will be featured in a Twitter Space with Platform Engineering’s Community Manager Luca Galante (@luca_cloud), Score’s Product Manager Susa Tuenker (@_sujaya), Civo Cloud’s DevRel Manager Kunal Kushwaha (@kunalstwt), Wix’s Senior DevOps Engineer Hila Fish (@Hilafish1), and Upbound’s Developer Advocate Viktor Farcic (vfarcic). Join “One YAML to rule them all” to learn more about workload specifications, cognitive load and Score. 

We can’t wait to keep on building our journey!

The team behind Score

The idea for Score organically formed from looking at hundreds of delivery setups, across engineering orgs of all sizes (from startups to Fortune 100). We have all been involved in platform engineering and developer tooling for the past decade, in one way or another.Some of us built Internal Developer Platforms at the likes of Google, Apple or IBM, some come from the IaC side of things and played leading roles at companies like Hashicorp.

We all share the vision of developer and workload-centric development. We want to reduce cognitive load on developers and make sure engineers can spend their time coding and shipping features, instead of fighting config files.

Configure once. Deploy anywhere. From local to prod.