Platform Engineering Meetup on Score: you are all invited!

Score talks with the platform engineering community and introduces two of its main contributors and maintainers and goes deep diving on the reasons for its creation.

We are excited to announce we will be guests of the Platform Engineering Meetups series to talk about Score.

On December 13, at 7 PM CET, two Score's main contributors and maintainers, Susa Tuenker and Sören Martius, will be talking about how Score's goal to put the developer experience at the center is trying to solve local and cloud sync challenges and the difficulty of using different tech stacks in different environments. 

The conversation will last around 30 minutes and there will be space for community questions and feedback. 

Thank you to the Platform Engineering community for hosting this discussion. Please, register at this link to participate in the discussion on Zoom, the recording will be shared a day later both on GitHub Discussions and on the community Slack channel.

Community active participation is strongly encouraged! See you there!

The team behind Score

The idea for Score organically formed from looking at hundreds of delivery setups, across engineering orgs of all sizes (from startups to Fortune 100). We have all been involved in platform engineering and developer tooling for the past decade, in one way or another.Some of us built Internal Developer Platforms at the likes of Google, Apple or IBM, some come from the IaC side of things and played leading roles at companies like Hashicorp.

We all share the vision of developer and workload-centric development. We want to reduce cognitive load on developers and make sure engineers can spend their time coding and shipping features, instead of fighting config files.

Configure once. Deploy anywhere. From local to prod.